Governor of Papua Launching Program Build Generation and Family Welfare

The Regent of Lanny Jaya, Befa Yigibalom, SE, MM Regent of Paniai, Dr Hengky Kayame and Asmat Regent, Elisa Kambu, SSos when signing the Proud Papua program cooperation in GOR Cenderawasih Jayapura on Tuesday (21/11).

Various programs are encouraged by the Papua Provincial Government to increase the Papua Human Resources (SDM) especially the generation of Papuans living in areas that have not been well served.

This intelligent generation of Papua will appear in 3 districts after the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, SIP, MH launched the program of Generation and Prosperous Family (Proud) Papua held in three districts namely Paniai, Lany Jaya and Asmat as pilot projects.

Governor Lukas Eembe revealed that the Proud program is part of the Gerbangmas Hasrat Papua program. But the program Proudly focus on the individual community that is 4 years of age and have family members aged over 60 years.

“This program is more touched the lives of individuals from the community of Papua, the program is proudly packed Bangga Papua which will begin to be done in 2018,” he said when launching the program Proud Papua in the page GOR Cenderawasih Jayapura, Tuesday (21/11), noon.

It is said, in realizing this program, it cooperates with government partner institutions, where the three districts that become pilot project will get an injection of funds from the government.

“If the program develops or has good progress it will be continued in other districts,” he explained.

He explains, the main purpose of proram Proud of this is with the hope of the next few years the young generation of Papua more intelligent.

“The provincial government of Papua has designed this program to focus on the generation of Papua is expected in the next few years will be the successor of all of us,” he said.

In addition, said Lukas Enembe with the existence of this program family welfare will be more increased. Because it will be focused on the elderly who is our parents, has been caring for and educating us.

“So those three districts with children and parents will all give money to them, all of them so that the year will come when our progress will be good to love other districts,” says Lukas Enembe.

Governor reminded, to realize the program would require support and hard work from various parties, be it the provincial government, district and development partners. In fact, a number of challenges have also been successfully identified

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