Wakatobi Waves Suguhkan Alloys Maritime Tourism and Culture

Already have a plan to spend time on this weekend? If not, Wakatobi Wonderful Festival and Expo 2017 or abbreviated Wakatobi Wave 2017 which will take place on 11-13 November can be an option.

Especially for you who love to marine and cultural tourism. The reason, in addition to seeing the beauty under the sea Wakatobi, you can also enjoy the cultural treats of the community Wakatobi.

Head of Tourism and Creative Economy of Wakatobi Regency, Nadar, said at the peak of Wakatobi Wave Festival, will be enlivened with Cultural Parade featuring the largest maritime cultural attractions ever held with the involvement of 1,000 people.

“The activities include the grand procession of Kariaa Wakatobi which will feature Tamburu Liya, Lengko Dance, customary figure line, beach costume carnival, parade of each island (Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko) and one of Pesona Indonesia with a cultural contingent of each island as Wakatobi, “said Nadar.

In addition to the Cultural Parade, the opening ceremony will also be added to the performance of the Kolosal Dance performance which was exhibited by more than 100 Wakatobi younger sons.

Other activities include the Maritime International Maritime Symposium (12 November), Fun Dive (November 12), artist entertainment of the capital (13 November), ecraf product exhibition, cultural exhibition and photo exhibition (November 11-13), business gathering (November 12) and the areca climbing race above the sea (13 November).

“This event is expected to further elevate the potential and promote tourism in Wakatobi,” he said.

Not only the above events, visitors will also be served with interesting marine cultural attractions including the presentation of great culture Parade Karia’a.

The parade will feature children dressed in colorful traditional costumes and girls wearing headdresses with flowers and gold accessories and Tamburu Liya. There is also a heroic sacred parade conducted by 15 honorable elders from Liya using spears and drums.

Deputy of Tourism Development and Marketing of Nusantara, Esthy Reko Astuti, said Wakatobi Wave is one way to introduce a series of festival activities based on the beauty of Wakatobi Island in the world. Also, make models of accelerated development of archipelagic and underdeveloped regions and increase the contribution of Indonesian tourism.

“The purpose of Wakatobi Wave itself is none other than to promote Wakatobi as one of the leading tourist destinations in Indonesia with the target of increasing the flow of tourist arrivals, especially foreign tourists and encourage the acceleration of development and development of potential marine resources and tourism of Indonesia,” said Esthy Reko Astuti.

Wakatobi itself has been designated into 10 tourism priority destinations having as the largest barrier reef in Indonesia, the second in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Here can be found fringing, atolls and barrier reefs in addition to offering more than 50 dive points within easy reach of the big islands.

Wakatobi is a haven for large and small fish species, playgrounds of dolphins, turtles and even whales. Wakatobi itself is said to have 942 species of fish and 750 species of coral reefs from a total of 850 collections of the world, which when compared with two world-renowned dive centers, the Caribbean Sea totals 50 species, and the Red Sea in Egypt has 300 species of coral reefs.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said the tourist attraction owned by Wakatobi is considered to have been worldwide. He mentioned that the government of Wakatobi Regency should not worry about the promotion of regional tourism.

“Wakatobi’s positioning is good, being a high end tourist attraction,” said Arief.

Wakatobi Wave is expected to support the achievement of foreign tourists visiting targeted as much as 15 million foreign tourists in 2017. In addition, also to drive the local economy because of direct tourist spending to the local community.\

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