Pamkab Bantul Learning E Planning to Papua

Photo together after the meeting of the Government of Bantul district, Yogyakarta with the provincial government of Papua on how to build e-planning system.

Bantul District, Yogyakarta studied to the Papua Provincial Government on how to build an e-planning system.

This step is done by the Bantul government to strengthen the commitment to realize a more effective, participatory, transparent and accountable regional development planning system.

During his visit, the Regional Secretary of Bantul Regency, Drs. H Riyantono, M.Si accompanied by related institutions such as Bappeda, Public Works Office, Kominfo Office, Hospital and Education Office, received by Assistant Secretary General of the Regional Secretary of Papua Elysa Auri in his office accompanied by Head of Kominfo Papua, Kansiana Salle and Head of BPKAD Papua Ridwan Rumasukun, Monday (30/10/17).

Regional Secretary Bantu Riyantono revealed, Papua is one of the provinces that successfully implement e-planning.
So, this Bantul will build an integrated system in the field of IT that we call the Bantul Smart City, after we see in the media and internet. Apparently Papua has implemented the system, “he said.

According Riyantono, Papua is extraordinary. So that Bantul Regency is interested to come study in Papua. “Papua is extraordinary, so we want to learn more which is already integrated and accompanied by the KPK,” he said.

According to him, with the implementation of e-planing system is a spirit to realize clean government “clean
good government “.

“This is what we will all build, this is our goal all as local government,” he explained.

He explains, the system that has been implemented in Papua is a very extraordinary thing. So it is necessary to be an example in the management of good governance.

“There is nothing wrong for us to be able to imitate the already good, apreasiasi to Papua, thank the pack Assistant who has received us, we will be implemented in Bantul regency,” he said.

In the same place, Assistant Secretary General of the Regional Secretary of Papua Elysa Auri admitted, the Head of Bantul Regency dk Bumi Cenderawasih to learn e-Planning system and e-Budgeting that has been applied.

“They came to see the commitment of Papua a year ago up to now, about the system, e-planing and e-bugeting.
Where these things have been done by the provincial government of Papua in order to prevent corruption is integrated, it is hoped this can create cooperation with Bantul regency to build similarities in the IT field.

“Especially in the management of finance and planning, pak sekda this day we will explain all the systems that have been done by the provincial government of Papua after that we will see other developments,” he added.

As is known, in order to improve transparency and accountability of local government some time ago launched the online system of planning and budgeting, licensing and regional income or known as e-government as part of the Integrated Corruption Eradication Program Action Plan of Papua Province Government.

Where, the system of planning and budgeting on-line consists of 3 parts namely, e-Musrenbang, e-Planning and e-Budgeting, which
each of which serves to integrate local government planning and budgeting.

The online licensing system is named e-Papua Online Licensing which will provide business licensing services to the private sector online. While the online system of regional income is named e-SAMSAT which will be used for payment of vehicle taxes online.

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