Sons and Daughters of Papua and West Papua Free Pilot School

son and daughter of Papua Free Pilot School

Education and Training Center (BP2) Banyuwangi pilots re-open the registration of free education candidates for pilot cadets for sons and daughters of Papua and West Papua. Pilot school scholarships for these cadets to fulfill the availability of professional pilots in eastern Indonesia.

Head of BP2 Aviator Banyuwangi Afen Sena said, this scholarship provides opportunities of sons and daughters of Papua and West Papua to become a professional pilot through 2017 APBN financing. Previously, there have been two non-diploma scholarship programs provided to the eastern Indonesian community.

“Registration August 31-October 31. This is our third program in realizing the availability of pilots in eastern Indonesia, “he said on Friday (13/10/2017).

This pilot school free scholarship is a form of government development implementation of Nawa Cita in order to show that the government is present in the community. Currently the need for professional pilots serving flight operations in the east is urgently needed.

“We’ve scored 19 professional pilots from the two previous scholarship programs that are Batch 4 and 8 that passed yesterday,” he added.

There are several requirements that must be met before to become a cadet pilot in this pilot school Banyuwangi. Not only that, some academic tests and also flying talent must also be passed, for the acceptance of 12 students who will be financed this country.

“There are several tests for the acceptance of these cadets. In addition, health requirements, kesamaptaan talent fly fund we also test. The tests are conducted from November to December. Those who qualify will start education in January 2018, “he added.

Yosias Andi Arwam, a batch 4 graduate from BP2 Banyuwangi Aviator from the aviator cadets scholarship program, admitted to being grateful for free education in this pilot school. According to him, more and more sons and daughters of Papua and West Papua who participated in this scholarship, will increasingly help the availability of professional pilots in eastern Indonesia.

“We invite the sons and daughters of Papua and West Papua to participate in this program. We Papuans can, “he said.

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