October 2017

TNI and Biak Residents Gotong Royong Build a Church Fence

Babinsa Koramil 1708-03 / West Biak Kopda Morin together with the community work together to build the New Rehobot Church yard fence, located in Dedifu Village, Biak Barat District, Biak Numfor District on Monday, October 30, 2017. The making of the fence of the Church undertaken aims to make the New Rehobot Church look more presentable and also to deter the pets that enter the church yard. Kopda Morin on

TNI Finds Marijuana Farms at the Border

Various security efforts in the land border area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndonesia-PNG (Papua New Gini) in order to create a safe, comfortable and conducive atmosphere continues to be done by Task Force Pamtas Yonif Mechanical 512 / QY, including through security patrol and land sweeping. Security patrol activities conducted by Task Force Pamtas Yonif Mechanical 512 / QY again managed to find a 2 meter marijuana plant in the RI-PNG border region

Independent Energy PLTMH Terangi Pelosok Indonesia

The availability of electricity is still not evenly distributed throughout Indonesia, especially those located in remote areas in various provinces in Indonesia. The condition is worsened by the increasing demand for electricity in Indonesia as the population grows. Followed by fuel from natural resources (SDA) is increasingly thinning and can not be updated. To meet the need for electricity to all corners of Indonesia, the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo