September 2017

PLN WP2B serves 24 hour electricity at Ayamaru

For that reason, in line with the program of Papua Terang 2020, we are targeting Maybrat districts we will electricity 24 hours gradually until 2019, how electric Maybrat district can light up 24 hours, we will continue to work hard The management of PT PLN (Persero) Papua and West Papua region (WP2B) is now serving a 24-hour supply of electricity in Ayamaru District, Maybrat District, West Papua, after a previous

Baliem Wamena Valley Arabica Coffee will be certified

In order to anticipate the production of coffee of local farmers in Jayawijaya Regency, so that the Arabica coffee is not claimed as agricultural products owned by other regions, the Government of Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province, began to protect with the completeness of the certification requirements. Jayawijaya Head of Planning and Regional Development Board, Petrus Mahuze, claimed to have prepared geographical book indication book as one of the requirements that

Petition of Papua Merdeka In UN, Ambassador Triansyah Djani: Benny Wenda Is Lie.

The statement by one Papuan separatist figure, Benny Wenda, that his party has submitted a petition to the United Nations (UN) turned out not to match the actual facts. “Last year Benny Wenda once mentioned that he has submitted documents about Papua to the UN Secretary-General, but after being confirmed to the secretary general’s office was a lie,” said Dian Triansyah Djani Ambassador to the United Nations. In his written