Police Socializes the Spirit of Nationalism for Soop Islanders

Wren Police Ship 5016 Directorate of Water Police Corps of Air provided a socialization of the spirit of nationalism for residents of Padamara Tanjung Lampu, Soop Island, Sorong on Wednesday. The socialization led by AKP Murti Rahmawan as the captain of the 5016 Wren Police Ship was attended by religious leaders, community leaders, traditional leaders, and youth leaders of around 40 people. Murti Rahmawan said, the presence of his party

Governor: West Papua is Safe

West Papua Governor, Dominggus Mandacan stated that since the voting process of the simultaneous general election on April 17 to this day the conditions in this region were safe and peaceful. “There are indeed issues concerning the election, but it does not disrupt security stability, government activities and community activities,” Governor Dominggus said in Manokwari on Thursday. Dominggus also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the people who have channeled

Governor: The Price of Fuel in Maluku is More Expensive than in West Papua

Maluku Governor,┬áMurad Ismail is determined to make his territory equal to other provinces in Indonesia.┬áHe mentioned that Maluku is currently the most disadvantaged province, even losing to West Papua. “It was the dream of both of us for Maluku to be in line with other provinces. Maluku has been far behind from Papua, from everywhere. This we will return so that it is in line with other provinces,” Murad said