Investors Prepare Biak as a Center for National Tuna Fisheries

Fisheries investors who are members of the Indonesian Tuna Association together with the Biak Numfor Regency Government, Papua, will prepare Biak as the center of national tuna fisheries to meet export market demands. “Investors in the tuna association have met with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and the National Industrial Economy Committee in Jakarta to discuss Biak as a fish center,” said Head of the Biak Fisheries Service,

Asmat Residents Get Longboat Aid and Fish Catching Equipment

The Asmat District Marine and Fisheries Service (DKP), Papua, handed over 187 lobgboat and 15 PK machines to residents who were entitled to receive them. The assistance was handed over directly to the Head of DKP Sukarno, at the new port of Cemenes Agats, Thursday (6/20). In addition to longboats and 15 PK engines, assistance in the form of fishing gear was also handed over to residents. “We also provide

Indonesia and PNG are partnered to Monitor the Circulation of Illegal Products

The Food and Drug Administration has established a partnership with the Papua New Guinea authorities to oversee the circulation of products at the border, which is often the entrance to illegal products. BPOM Head, Penny Lukito said in a written statement received in Jakarta on Thursday that the cooperation was to improve drug control on the border of eastern Indonesia. “This is one of the concrete manifestations of the presence