Papua Proposes Rp 6 Billion Fund to Bappenas

The Papua Provincial Government proposes a budget of Rp 6 billion to the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), when Rakornis Library and Regional Archives in Mataram (NTB) on 6-8 March 2018. Head of Regional Library and Archives of Papua Province Drs. Hans Y. Hamadi, MSi in his working room on Wednesday (21/3) said the Papua provincial team led by Assistant Secretary of Papua for Economic Affairs and Prosperity Drs. Elia

Papuan Coffee Plantation Area is Expanded

Papua Plantation Office is currently expanding coffee plantation area. This program is expected to increase the productivity of Papua coffee in the future. “The expansion of our land is done in the districts, and coffee production in Papua is currently at 500-600 kilograms per hectare, from its potential of 1.2 kilograms,” Papua Plantation Office head John Nahumury told reporters in Jayapura on Wednesday 21/3/18). According to him, it has encouraged the

TNI Again Conduct Mobile Treatment in Papua

The Yonif Task Force The Raider 501 Kostrad again conducted mobile treatment for the community. This time, the mobile treatment was conducted at RT 03 RW 01 Kampung Koya Koso, Jayapura, on Tuesday (20/3). The activities led by Kojo Koso’s Commander Post (Danpos), Letda Inf. Pandu Wicaksono is done with six members. The mobile treatment was held at the house of the Chairman of RT 03 Jeli Kiwo. A few days ago, it