Mimika Regency Government Immediately Disbursed the 2019 Election Funds

The Mimika Regency Government (Pemkab), Papua, immediately disbursed the 2019 election fund because the signing of the regional grant agreement (NPHD) script will be carried out in the near future. The Head of the Mimika Marten Regency Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (BPKAD) Tappi Mallisa in Timika said on Monday that the NPHD would be signed by the Mimika Regent Eltinus Omaleng and would later be given to the

Hajj Candidates in Biak-Papua 2019 Experienced an Increase

The Ministry of Religion (Ministry of Religion) in 2019 increased the quota number of pilgrims from Biak Numfor Regency, Papua Province from 29 candidates in 2018 increased in 2019 to become? 32 people. “We have to be grateful for the addition of the quota number for the pilgrims, even though there are only three people,” said the Head of the Biak Ministry of Religion, Asden J.Naiborhu, in Biak on Sunday.

Activists: Education is the Key to Change the Fate of West Papuan Children

Educational activist from Kitong Bisa organization, Graceshella Mambrasar said education is the key to changing the fate of children in Papua and West Papua for the better. “Education is the key to changing the fate of Papuan and West Papuan children for the better. I will fight for the rights of marginalized people, especially children from weak economies, to gain access to proper education,” Graceshella said on Wednesday. Graceshella, who