Citizens Support Peaceful Elections in West Papua

West Papuans along with members of the TNI-Polri declare legislative elections and the 2019 presidential election will run safely and peacefully throughout the Land of Papua (West Papua). Hundreds of West Papuans, traditional leaders of students and members of the TNI-Polri in Jayapura, declare the presidential election and the 2019 legislative elections to be safe and peaceful. Representatives of traditional leaders agreed to maintain harmony among religious communities and support

Achievement of MR immunization, Papua Province Lost to West Papua

According to the Head of the West Papua Province Health Office, drg. Aloysius Giyai, that the achievement of immunization in Papua is still inferior to the province of West Papua. Whereas in the implementation of Measles Rubella (measles and rubella-MR) immunization, West Papua has reached 90 percent, while in Ppaua alone it has only reached 52.92 percent. “We have to learn a lot from West Papua regarding the achievement of

Millennial Generation of West Papua: Jokowi's Era, We Feel Real Development

Jakarta – The Millennial Generation of Care for West Papua considers, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is a hard-working figure and has a strong determination in building the nation, including realizing social justice for the people in West Papua.”In the current era, we, West Papuans, recognize that we can feel the development in Papua. And Pak Jokowi can prove his promise in realizing social justice,” said Chairperson of the Papua Millennial